Australia 1 Dollar Year of Rabbit 2011 Colorized Series II Lunar 1Oz Silver Coin

The commemorative coin dedicated to the Year of the Rabbit was released by the Pert Mint as a part of the popular Australian Lunar Calendar series in 2011. According to traditional Chinese and Buddhist beliefs, every lunar year has its own patron animal, which determines the good and bad characteristics of the year. The 1 Australian dollar coin made of 999 fine silver is a piece of the limited proof mintage, so it has a big value among collectors. The obverse of the coin traditionally depicts the effigy of Elizabeth II. There are also the name of the Queen, the monetary denomination and the word “Australia”. The reverse of the coin features the embossed image of two rabbits instead of one on the same lunar year’s coins which were released previously. The image of rabbits is colorized with natural tones, so it stands out of the surrounding field. The bent rim and the lovely Chinese traditional painting style floral pattern on the background of rabbits are also embossed on a matte field.

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