Australia 1 dollar Famous Battles Tobruk 1941 Silver Coloured Proof Coin 2011

The silver coin of Australia is the dedication to the fighting for Tobruk held during the World War II. The main role in the fight played Australian troops, which captured the Italian post of Tobruk several times fighting with Nazi German and Italian forces in 1941-1942. The port city in modern Libya was the important strategic place of the Axis-Allies opposition. The Mint of Perth issued the commemorative coin dedicated to the episode of WWII as a part of the Australian Famous Battles in 2011. The subject of the collectible coin is represented on the reverse of the piece. It’s embodied in the relief figure of the Australian soldier of the WWII time. He is depicted against the colored background showing the corresponding battle scenes. The name of the place is minted next to the image along with the year 1941. The opposite side of the piece bears the image of the Queen and the coin’s denomination.

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