Cook Islands, $5, Vatican Art - The Pieta, Swarovski crystal, silver coin, 2009

The coin issued by the Cook Islands depicts the popular masterpiece of Italian art now stored in the Vatican City St. Peter’s Basilica. The marble statue called The Pieta in Italian manner is a work of celebrated Renaissance master Michelangelo. Biblical theme of Virgin Mary holding the body of Jesus after the Crucifixion is very often for European art. It’s better known as Lamentation in English. The silver collectible coin shows the view of the Michelangelo’s work on the reverse just as the rest pieces of the same series do with other Vatican Art pieces. The clothes of the Virgin Mary is gilded to show the image in all the stunning beauty; the red Swarovski crystals are inlayed in the base of the relief image. There are the name of the series and the year of issue indicated on this side of the rectangular coin. The obverse of the piece contains the Queen effigy and other common for collectibles information.

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