Bouvet Island, set of 6 coins Sleeddogs Husky Iceberg Penguin Seagull Ship 2014

The set of collectible coins of Bouvet Island is dedicated to the local features. The alternate name of Bouvet Island is Bouvetøya, it’s the Norwegian dependency in South Atlantics. The island is covered with glaciers almost completely; it’s the most remote piece of land in the world lying very far from any other shores. The Bouvet Island is uninhabited, except one weather station. The souvenir coins depict local bird species and husky dogs as the landmarks of the island. The sailed ship and the figure of a man against the Antarctic landscape are the subjects of two other pieces of the set. The denominations of the coins are indicated next to the relief images. The name of the conditional currency is Sk. The name of the island in Norwegian and the year of the issue are minted along the upper rims of the coins on the both sides. The opposite sides of the coins show different views of the island.

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