Catalonia, set of 8 coins in blister, 2014

The set of commemorating coins is dedicated to the 300th Anniversary of incorporation of Catalonia under the Crown of Castile. Catalonia and some other nearby territories then lost their right to have their own institutions and laws, being included into the Spanish Kingdom as provinces. The separatist movement in Catalonia is quite active till the present times, although the region has got numerous rights as recognized national community inside Spain. The represented coins are not legal tender money of any country, as it’s stated on the colorful booklet in Catalan language. The inscription reads the name of the country in native tongue and explains that the set consists of the project coins of Catalonia. The images of the coins show the historic persons along with their names and the Coat of Arms of the territory. The opposite sides of the pieces bear the map of the region and the denomination without the name of the currency. The Catalan inscription along the rim reads “The Second Republic of Catalonia” and the years 1714-2014.

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