Niue 2 dollars Christmas Bell New Year childrens silver coin 2013

The silver bell-shaped gift coin dedicated to the winter holidays launched in 2013 by Nuie Island. Proof coinage made by the Polish Mint provides the outstanding quality of coin’s reliefs and surfaces. The item contains pink and blue Swarovski crystals in its decoration. The coin is made in shape of a Christmas bell and is rich in embellishments. Very detailed picture of two children in winter forest occupies the most place of the coin’s reverse. The bottom of the “bell” is decorated with thick border with intricate relief ornament including the shining crystals. The coin is housed in the beautiful case made in Christmascard-style. The case pleases by its nice images and LED lamp which starts to light up every time the case is opened. The .999 silver item will be the finest precious gift for winter holidays.

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