South Ossetia Republic, Russia, Georgia, Nicaragua, 1 Ruble, Daniel Ortega, 2013

The commemorative 1-ruble coin of the self-claimed Republic of South Ossetia is dedicated to the famous Nicaraguan politician Daniel Ortega. Ortega has the long and turbulent life and political career; he was a Sandinista, a revolutionist, a leader of Junta and a President of Nicaragua at last. Being the head of the country Ortega was the only one, except Russia’s leader, who recognized the independency of South Ossetia. The portrait of Daniel Ortega in relief is placed on the reverse of the commemorative coin surrounded by the images of guns. The name of the politician and the year of issue are struck next to his effigy. The obverse of the coin bears the emblem of the self-declared state in the centre while the name of the country is placed above it by the rim of the piece. The denomination is indicated below the emblem.

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