Ukraine 5 hryvnia Antonov AN-140 aircraft airplane aviation nickel coin 2004

The collectible coin of Ukraine commemorating the Antonov aircraft was launched in 2004. The nickel silver piece was issued as a part of the Planes of Ukraine series. It bears the relief image of AN-140 airliner, designed in late 1990 by Antonov Bureau. The plane is still in use and production in different variations, mostly in Kharkiv. The coin shows the effigy of the flying airliner on its reverse with the legends surrounding the image. There is the name of the series above the relief image and the name of the aircraft in English and Ukrainian along the lower rim of the piece. The emblem of Antonov is placed between the latter ones. The face side of the collectible contains the small Ukrainian Trident emblem inside the fantasy image representing the sun rays and flying geese. There are the name of the country and the coin’s denomination indicated on the obverse.

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