Ukraine 5 hryvnia Antonov AN-124 Ruslan aircraft plane aviation nickel coin 2005

The commemorative coin launched in 2005 as a part of Ukrainian Aircraft series depicting Ruslan the largest plane in the world. The State Ukrainian Mint issued 60 thousand copies of the coin. It is not used as the means of payment though it minted from the same nickel alloy as the common metal money. The obverse of the commemorative coin features the fantasy design including images of the flying geese and the sun, all is surrounded by the dotted line. There is the name of the country of issue above the picture and the face value (5 hryvnias) under it. One can see the year of issue on this side too. The coin's reverse side shows Ruslan, also known as AN-124, an outstanding plane with unique technical capacities. Here are also placed the name of the commemorative coin series and the holographic logo of Antonov Company.

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