Ukraine 5 hryvnia Hopak/Gopak Ukrainian Cossack folk dance nickel coin 2011

The collectible coin of Ukraine dedicated to the picturesque folk dance Hopak was minted in 2011. Hopak originates from an only-male Cossack dance performed in Zaporizhian Sich after victorious battles. Its initial style was lost with the fall of the Cossack state, but it’s suggested that dancers made improvisational acrobatic moves imitating fights, often with weaponry. The later version of the dance is both male and female. The coin’s obverse shows a pair of the modern Hopak dancers in traditional Ukrainian clothes. The legends along the rim of the coin read the name of the issuing bank and the denomination of the piece. The state emblem and the releasing year are indicated there as well. The reverse of the piece shows the Cossack version of Hopak; there is an effigy of a dancer jumping with a saber depicted along with the traditional ornament. The name of the dance is minted beside him.

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