Ukraine 5 hryvnia Battle for Dnieper Dnipro 1943 WW2 liberation nickel coin 2013

The commemorative coin of Ukraine minted in 2013 is dedicated to the significant military campaign of World War II. It is the Battle of the Dnieper which took place in Ukraine from August to December of 1943. The military operation of the Soviet Eastern Front against the German Nazi forces is one of the largest and the costliest ones during the whole WWII. The Battle of the Dnieper gave start to other successful war campaigns of Red Army which led to the liberation of the Ukraine. The related image of tanks and military aircrafts are struck on the reverse of the commemorative coin along with the name of the battle in Ukrainian. The obverse of the piece is designed in the Victory-style with stylized fireworks and the big numbers “1943” in the center. The year is surrounded by the laurel branches and the five-point star as the symbol of the Red Army. The denomination of the coin is five hryvnias.

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