Ukraine 200000 karbovanets Sevastopol Crimea Victory WWII German silver 1995

The commemorative coin of Ukraine minted in 1995 is dedicated to the city of Sevastopol and its role in WWII. The piece is made of non-precious nickel silver and has face value of 200 000 Karbovanets, which currently is out of use in Ukraine. The official currency is hryvnia since 1996, so the coin isn’t legal tender. The obverse of the coin bears the state emblem right in the center of the surface surrounded by the branches of guelder-rose, the national Ukrainian tree. There are the denomination of the piece and the year of mintage indicated as well. The name of the issuing bank is placed along the rim. The reverse is occupied by the thematic reliefs depicting the landmarks of Sevastopol, such as monument to the sunken ships of the Crimean War and the monument commemorating the seamen defending the city during the WWII. The subject of the coin is explained by the inscription above the images.

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