Ukraine 5 hryvnia Antonov AN-2 aircraft airplane aviation cargo nickel coin 2003

The coin with face value of 5 hryvnias was minted in 2003 to commemorate the forerunner of Antonov’s aircrafts An-2. The biplane was designed in 1946 and was produced in numerous variations till 2001. The multipurpose plane is used for passenger and cargo carriage, parachute drops and many others. It’s low speed of flying made the aircraft of this type perfect for agricultural works, thus An-2 gained its iconic nickname meaning “corn crop duster”. The other nickname of An-2 is Annie. The obverse of the coin bears the image of the series Aircraft of Ukraine with the national Coat of Arms in the center of a fantasy image consisting of flying birds and flames. The name of the country and the face value are minted along the rim. The image of the An-2 plane is placed on the reverse surrounded by the name of the coin series and the name of the aircraft in Ukrainian and English. The logo of Antonov is minted there as well.

26,31 26.310000000000002 USD



Category: Air vehicles

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