Ukraine 5 hryvnias 60 Years of Liberation of Kyiv from Fascis nickel silver 2003

The special coin of Ukraine minted in 2003 commemorates the 60th jubilee of Kyiv’s liberation from the Nazis’ occupation during the World War II. The city was liberated in 1943 during the offensive operation which changed the further development of war. The plan of the battle for Kyiv is depicted on the reverse of the coin along with the battle scenes including infantry, tanks and aircrafts. The subject of the coin is mentioned above the picture. There is a semicircular inscription along the rim of the piece stating the name of the war as the Great Patriotic one. The obverse of the collectible coin shows the eternal flame in memory of the killed soldiers with the memorial plaque on the background of it. The name of the country of mintage and its Coat of Arms are placed on the same surface at the top while the denomination of the piece is indicated near the relief image.

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