Ukraine 5 hryvnias Signs of the Zodiac Virgo Silver Proof coin 2008

The coin made of silver is dedicated to the sign of Virgo. The 5-hryvnia piece is a part of the thematic series by the Bank of Ukraine; it was minted in 2008 for collecting. The astrological sign is represented by the relief image of a girl on the reverse of the piece. There are the Zodiac symbol of the sign and the image of the correspondent constellation on the smooth half of the surface and the name of the sign in Ukrainian on the dull one. The images of the stars are placed all over the surface. The opposite side of the collectible piece is divided in two parts with different finish as well. The central part of the surface is occupied by the round image of the Zodiac series surrounded by the name of the issuing bank and denomination of the piece. There are the year of launching and the emblem of the state on the border as well.

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