Ukraine 2 UAH Zodiac Scorpio (Little Scorpion) 1/4 Oz Silver Coin 2015

The silver collectible coin of Ukraine is a part of the next astrological series. Zodiac coins made of precious metal have great popularity among the collectors and common people due to their beautiful artwork, valuable material and subjects. Such pieces are perfect presents for those born under the corresponding signs of Zodiac. The represented series is dedicated to the baby Zodiac signs, so they are suitable for giving them as gifts for kids. The piece bears the little Scorpio sign on the reverse side along with the name of the sign in Ukrainian and the astrological symbol of it to the left of the effigy. The opposite surface is occupied by the thematic image of a baby sleeping in front of a background decorated with suns and moons and other Zodiac symbols. The denomination of the coin and the issuing bank are indicated by the inscriptions on the border along the rim of the piece.

40,00 40.0 USD



Category: Zodiac signs

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