Ukraine 20 Hryvnas Ukrainian Heritage Shchedryk carol of Mykola Leontovych 2016

The beautiful silver commemorative coin of Ukrainian Bank minted in 2016 is dedicated to the musical heritage of the country and its outstanding composer Mykola Leontovych. The musician is famous for his piece “Shchedryk” based on a Ukrainian folk song; the song currently is well-known in the English speaking world as well due to its later adaptation under the name of “Carol of the Bells”. The song is a popular Christmas music composition. The recognizable notes of Shchedryk are minted on the reverse side of the collectible piece followed by the words of the song in Ukrainian. The portrait of Leontovych is placed above it along with his name and the name of the song. There is an image of a swallow which is mentioned in the original lyrics of the song. The surface under the stave is holographic with relief bells on it. The obverse is decorated in traditional Ukrainian Christmas manner with picture of folks singing carols and playing music instruments. The image is framed in eight-pointed star frame and decorated with bells as well. The name of the bank and the denomination of the piece (20 hryvnias) are indicated along the rim.

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Category: Folklore

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