Ukraine 10 hryvnas Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo) Fauna Endangered Species proof 2002

The collectible silver proof coin of Ukraine launched in 2002 is dedicated to the biggest owl species of Eurasia. It’s an eagle-owl known also under its Latin name Bubo Bubo. The night bird is widespread on the whole territory of the Old World as well as the close to it horned owl is in both Americas. The image of the bird sitting on a branch of oak tree is placed on the reverse side of the 10-hryvnia coin. There are Latin and Ukrainian names of the eagle-owl minted along the rim of the piece. The obverse with the face value and the year of mintage is decorated with wreath-like border depicting leaves, flowers, insects and birds. The state emblem and the name of the country occupy the central place on the corresponding surface. The rate of precious metal and the weight are minted there as well.

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Category: World of Nature

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