Ukraine, 2 hryvnia, Scythian Gold, Deer, Scythia, fauna, coin, 2011

The commemorative 2-hryvnia coin of Ukraine dedicated to the world-famous Scythian art legacy is minted in purest gold. The subject of the precious collectible piece is Scythian gold, so the object depicted on the reverse side is a deer plague, which was found in one of the Scythian kurgans. The name of the piece in Ukrainian is minted next to the effigy. The piece is perfect for investment or as a valuable gift on a special occasion. The obverse of the piece has the big national emblem of Ukraine surrounded by the circumference of relief dots. There are the year of mintage, the rate of gold and the weight of the piece indicated inside the circumference as well. The name of the bank and the denomination of the coin are minted on the border of the obverse along the rim. The piece is housed in the protective capsule and the original demonstration case.

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