Ukraine 1 hryvnia, Archangel Michael, silver coin, 2013

The silver investment coin of the Ukrainian Mint was launched in 2013. Although its face value is indicated as 1 hryvnia, the piece is made of 31.1 grams of pure .999 silver. The subject of the collectible coins is Archangel Michael which is the popular saint of Eastern Orthodox Church and the holy patron of Ukraine. The design of the reverse of the piece repeats the one's previously produced. There is the Archistratig’s figure with his attributes in the center and the line about him taken from T.Shevchenko’s epic poem “Haidamaky”. The words surround the angel by the circumference. The obverse is also similar to the investment coin of the previous year with the big emblem of the National Bank. The name of the bank and the denomination are placed along the rim of the piece by the circumference. There are the Coat of Arms, the year of issue and the silver rate indicated on the obverse as well.

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