Ukraine 1 hryvnia, Archangel Michael, silver coin, 2015

The .999 silver coin of Ukraine minted in 2015 shows the traditional image of the Archangel Michael on the reverse. The Archangel Michael in Orthodox Church is called Taxiarch which points onto his protecting power and the role as the leader of the God’s army. The Archangel Michael is considered to be the holy patron of Ukraine and Kyiv in particular. The National Bank of the country issues the investment coins with Taxiarch Michael every year due to that; they have same designs and differ only by the date of producing. The obverse of the coin shows the emblem of the bank in the octagonal frame and its name along the upper rim of the piece. The coin’s face value is 1 hryvnia and it’s stated below the emblem while the year of producing is minted inside the frame right under it. The image of the Archangel Michael is struck in the center of the reverse with T.Shevchenko’s quote mentioning him along the rim of the coin.

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